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San Diego Radius Map - Public Notice Package Information Bulletin 512 - DS-3035

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Order today and you'll receive your package between Jun 03, 2024 and Jun 07, 2024. Select rush or regular delivery options at checkout

UPDATED 11/21/2021 to add newer DS-3035 form to images  
UPDATED 07/20/2021
 with Electronic Format requirements from the city.

Product Includes: 

  • 300' Radius Map
  • 300' Property Owner & Occupant List 
  • Electronic Address List - Excel Format 
  • Certification DS 3035
  • Receipt 

Full Description from the city package (City of San Diego) 
Information Bulletin 512
DS 3035

Packaged will be formatted to follow the City of San Diego Pubic Noticing Information Bulletin 512

1. San Diego County Assessor Parcel Maps are necessary to show each parcel of land located within 300 feet of the project site. The map(s) must outline the 300-foot ra­dius from the perimeter of the property
- See Figure 2 on reverse side for sample assessor parcel map with noticing ra­dius.
2. Electronic Address List. Applicants must provide the owner and resident/occupant address list in an Excel Spreadsheet on a CD-R or USS flash drive. The spread­sheet must identify the Assessors Parcel Number, Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code. All applicable fields must be completed. Owner mailing addresses must be included if not within 300' (ie: different city/state). An address list for the Resident or Occupant, is required. Address list for tenants shall include the word "resident" or "occupant" in the "Name" column.
In addition to the standard noticing re­quirements, an electronic address list must also be provided for all "on-site" occupants. Clearly identify on the paper copy of the electronic address list (circle, highlight, etc.) all "on-site" occupants. Also, all officially recognized Community Planning Groups that represent the area and those within 300 feet of the location of the proposed development must be in­cluded within the electronic address list. Failure to provide the required "on-site" occupants at submittal will delay process­ing your project. Submittal will NOT be accepted if the ''on-site" occupants are not clearly identified on the paper copy of the spreadsheet.

If property is vacant, add a hand written note on the paper copy of the spread­sheet.
NOTE: On the spreadsheet, use one row per owner/occupant. No more than 7 col­umns may be used. Each column heading must be 1n the same order as shown in Figure 1 on reverse side. contains the property owners, resi­dents/occupants, and Community Plan­ning Group(s).

See images for details.