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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! We created these FAQ's to help answer any questions you might have. Don't see your question? No problem. Please reach out to us via email or phone. We are happy to assist you with any request.


Kindly make use of the search bar conveniently placed on the website. Input your city's name and opt for the package that suits your locality. Once that's done, provide the address on the right side of the screen. Next, include the desired product into your cart, where you'll find the option to proceed to checkout.

Upon reaching the checkout page, you'll have the chance to choose your preferred timing. We extend the options of a 2-business day, 3-business day, 4-business day, or standard delivery, typically spanning 5-7 business days. If you're not finding exactly what you're seeking, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized request.

Feel free to email us at or give us a call at (949) 771-0051. We're here to assist you.

All you need to do is select your package, add the information about your project (address or APN) and checkout. Once we receive your order we will start on it immediately. You will be notified once the job is completed and sent the tracking information if your job includes mailed materials. 

As a vibrant and expanding small enterprise, our operations are in full swing! We're constantly on the move, juggling tasks both at the office and on the road. Our commitment to meeting your urgent requirements extends to working from home during the evenings as well. We've structured our workflow to seamlessly accommodate your rush orders.

While we don't facilitate in-office pickups, we've devised alternative solutions for your convenience. For select cities, we have the capacity to email you the necessary files. This way, you can effortlessly print them right at your location, streamlining the process.

Furthermore, we've established a partnership with Staples. We can upload label files directly to their kiosks, granting you the capability to print labels at a nearby Staples outlet. This collaborative effort ensures your accessibility and ease in obtaining the materials you need.

Rest assured, our dedication to efficiency and adaptability remains unwavering as we continue to serve you with the utmost diligence.

No problem! Rest assured, we have 20+ years experience in the industry. We are always a phone call (949) 771-0051 or chat window away if you need assistance. Email

Typically, if you dont know what package you need, we will recommend that your ask the city or county planner.

Unfortunately, since we do not know all the details of your project, it would be hard for us to tell you what you need. We could guess, but it's best to always ask when unsure of the distance or requirement. Most cities have a standard package that is all you need. 

Please check out our samples for mockup exhibits, maps and lists. Each request requires custom map work and data, that requires time and cost on our end. We guarantee all of our work, if there is ever an error on the mapping, we will gladly fix it ASAP.

Great question! 

Public Notification has become increasingly important on the public radar as access to data and information is now more readily available with the internet and mobile devices. Legally, any new development, zone change or environmental project has requirements to notify the affected parties within a determined buffer radius of project.

The California government code states that public notification should be handled as follows, “(Public) Notice of a hearing shall be mailed or delivered at least 10 days prior to the (public) hearing to all owners of real property as shown on the latest equalized assessment roll within 300 feet of the real property that is the subject of the hearing.” (CHAPTER 2.7. Public Hearings 65090 – 65096. Chapter 2.7 added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1009, Sec. 2). The state of California has determined that 300’ is the proper radius distance for the affected public to receive “due process”. Furthermore, the state additionally specifies that property owners have constitutional rights to receive a written notice via first class mail.  

Start with the jurisdiction (city/county) that is asking you for radius map public notification services. Talk with your planner to see what they want and then you can type the juridiction in our search bar and see the packages avialble for your area. 

We are a digital based company! We prefer email or phone calls. Our phone number is (949) 771-0051. Our email is

Sure! We do our best to answer every call within 24 hours. The fatest way to order is to use our website though. (949) 771-0051. Email

Select RUSH at checkout and we will have your job completed within 24 hours. If we have pickup services available that day, we will reach out to you to discuss options or courier routes.

Often, a planner will accept a digital copy placeholder that we can email directly to them. The hard copy materials will be sent via FedEx overnight delivery. 

Sure! Please email us for custom requests. We will return all inquiries within 24 hours. Email

Assessor Maps are prepared for assessment purposes only and by law show information AS RECORDED rather than as obtained, for instance, from an independent onsite survey. Being based on recorded documents, the Assessor Maps may not match exactly what is seen or measured in person and overlays on aerial photographs may not reflect actual parcel boundaries. Assessor Maps are NOT surveys and as such should not be used in either defining property lines or in resolving disputes between neighbors.

For an actual survey map we recommend you contact a land surveyor or an engineering firm. For unincorporated area you could also try contacting the Land Management Division for incorporated area or the Engineering Department for that particular city.


Our packages range between $200 and $2500. The cost depends on how much data needs to be purchased, the density of the area, the map work involved and the expertise required to complete the work. Some cities have additional costs to cover envelopes and postage. In this case, we try to offer a flat fee that will cover most projects. Occasionally, if you have a large request we will reach out to you if the cost exceeds the package price. 

Unfortunately, even if your project is on the small side, we charge the same price for all projects in your area. That is the only way we can offer an online ordering website that can process orders quickly and efficiently. There is still a time element involved in every project where we have to set up the map work and purchase data, even if there is only one person being notified. 

In 2005, the Senate passed SB-133, a bill that prohibited title companies from preparing radius map and public notification services. 

We believe we charge fair and competitive rates for our services.

We offer discounts on jobs that need to be updated. Please email us your update request at

We can send a bulk quote to you. Please email us the list of projects with the address, apn, coordinates and requirements you need. We will email you a combined proposal for all your projects? Need to set us up as a vendor? No problem. We can provide our W-9 and fill out the vendor paperwork ASAP. Email or Call (949) 771-0051


Yes, you can ship directly to your planner. If you ship directly to the city, please reach out to your planner first so they have a head's up that its coming. 

Once your order is placed, we start working on it immediately. Your job will ship within five business days of receiving the order. Once it is completed, you will receive an email with the tracking information and digital copy. 

Most jobs can be completed within two business days. They are then dispatched to you. Typically jobs are received within 5-7 business days from the time you placed the order. Please allow for shipping time! 

We ship our jobs using FedEx. A shipping number will provided on your confirmation email once completed.


No problem! If you require more label sets, please type that note on the checkout order page and we can include additional sets at no extra charge. If you dont need all the label sets, feel free to recycle the paper. We send out what you need based on our experience with your jurisidication. It is better to be overpreared and have more than what you need vs having to emall us to send you more label sets at a later date. Trust us! 

No problem! Use our custom quote button to submit a custom request. Or, you can call or email us. Call (949) 771-0051 or email

Reach out to us with your order number, we can email you a PDF of your job. Need to re-order? Email us for a reduced rate at

Great news! The next step is to take your materials to your planner and submit them with the rest of your application. Not sure what to bring? The bundle marked originals or CITY needs to be submitted to your jurisdiction. Any property owner mailing label sets, envelopes, postage or CD/flash drives also need to be submitted to your jurisdiction.

The file copy and receipt are yours to keep for your records. 

No problem! Send us an email or give us a call. We will have technical support troubleshoot your request. Call (949) 771-0051 or email

Oh no! Please check the tracking number provided and then send us an email with the order number. We will find the package or send you out a new one. Call (949) 771-0051 or email

Oh no! Please reach out to us and let us know how we can fix it. Call (949) 771-0051 or email

We are here for you! Send us an email with your order number and we will send out a link to re-order your package at a discounted rate. Call (949) 771-0051 or email

Addresses can be updated with the County directly. For the County of Orange, you would need to contact the Address Control Department. They will request that you send in written documentation with a signature to process any address change requests. The direct number for the County of Orange Address Control is (714) 834-2939. For other regions, reach out to the local county assessor's office directly. If you need additonal assitance, please reach out to our team. 


No problem! Please email us, we will send it out within 24 hours.

We work with many companies that prefer to set us up as a vendor. Please reach out to us via email or phone (949) 771-0051 to start the process. 


A radius map and property owner list is required when a project triggers a public notice or public hearing. Typical residential examples include building a new home, creating an addition, a remodel, a new pool or installing air conditioning. Typical commercial and industrial projects include establishing a new business, adding additional products to sell such as alcohol or subdividing a property. Unique uses include coastal commission applicants, AQMD applications, or ROW 5G Cellular Installation.

When a project requires a public hearing, the City municipality or jurisdiction is required to notify all property owners within a certain distance of the proposed project (and sometimes the occupants/residents/tenants as well). The distance is determined by the City Council and enforced by the Planning Department. The most typical distances are 100 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, 1000 feet and ¼ mile (AQMD). The hearing notification letter lists date, time, and agenda for the meeting, and invites anyone interested to attend. By law, public hearing notices must be mailed no later than ten (10) business days prior to the meeting. Usually, cities mail out 30 days prior to provide more a time buffer.

Once the radius map and labels have been compiled, the package is then delivered to the municipality.  The mailing is sometimes done by that municipality. Some cities offer an option to the applicant to fast track the process and have the applicant mail out the notices on their own. The mailing is then certified so the city has a document proving that you have completed the mailing. Express Mapping offers a mailing service option to assist with this option if you need a mailing prepared. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Requirements for public notification vary from city to city (and county). Professional services like Express Mapping keep running files of requirements by each city on record. That’s a big file.  We also contact the applicable Planning Department personnel if there are any questions regarding a project. Contact us today to get started

We use multiple sources to prepare each project depending on the data needed. The data is verified county assessor data and not derived from recorded documents keyed overseas. It is updated daily, built on relationships with county departments in order to provide the most current data and parcel maps available anywhere.

  1. County assessors
  2. County tax collectors
  3. County courthouses
  4. County recorders
  5. U.S bankruptcy court
  6. FEMA
  7. Other proprietary sources

Because county assessors don't collect and maintain phone numbers associated with specific properties or property owners, we do not offer phone numbers as a product.

The county assessor's office collects and maintains property ownership information as part of their data set. In the case of rental property (which may include a single unit dwelling, duplex, or apartment complex), the information available is limited to the actual owner of the property and does not include information related to rental tenants. We use tenant data bases and field inspection to determine the apartment, suite or industrial unit numbers if applicable for your project.

Our data is directly updated DAILY from over 35 California county assessors' offices, and weekly or monthly from most of the others. Click here  to view our map that shows the data update frequencies from specific counties and when it was last released.

Actual California County Assessor data

Our California parcel data IS verified county assessor data, not derived from recorded documents that have been keyed overseas. Creating databases by farming out unverified recorded documents to data entry plants in foreign countries is common among title insurance-based data services. However, our ability to build direct relationships with all of the county assessors and their staff throughout California ensures the data we provide is created by local experts intimately familiar with California properties.

Accurate, Error Free, & Standardized


Because our data sets ALWAYS match the county assessors' records, our data IS their data. In fact, the data from the county assessors are uploaded directly into our system – eliminating the chance for human error. We then standardize all of the data across the entire state into an easy-to-use format.

Verified by the assessor's office


Our ownership data is updated and in sync with county tax records. We do not display new owner names until they are officially verified by the assessor's office. This eliminates errors in legal notifications and mailings that are common when using data keyed from unverified recorded documents.



The majority of our parcel maps are updated on a monthly basis, while others are updated at least annually. Click here  to view APN Map Frequency Update schedule by county.

The best way to correct your address is to go straight to the source, your local post office. You can use the tool below to find the contact number of your local post office. They can help correct addresses that are zoned incorrrectly (residential vs commercial) or help correct non-deliverable addresses into valid addresses.