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Rancho Santa Margarita Radius Map Notification Map and Mailing List



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Order today and you'll receive your package between Oct 24, 2021 and Oct 26, 2021. *RUSH Same Day or Next Day Delivery available at checkout for extra fee.

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Product Includes: 

  • 300' Assessor Parcel Map
  • 300' Property Owner List 
  • One set of stamped envelopes*
  • Certification of Preparation  (Pg 5) 
  • Electronic Copy
  • Receipt 

*If stamped envelopes exceed a count of 150, additional fees may apply. Express Mapping will contact you if this scenario applies to your order before processing. 


Full Description from the city package (City of Rancho Santa Margarita):

Notification Map and Mailing List Instructions

Listed below are the requirements for public notification of nearby property owners in connection with planning applications for public hearings as determined by the city:

Preparation of the “Notification Map.”

Obtain the Assessor’s Parcel (APN) number(s) from the County Assessor or tax bill for the property concerned. Locate the subject parcel on the proper page of the Assessor’s map books. With the scale shown on the APN map, measure 300’ line on all APN pages. DO NOT INCLUDE STREETS IN THE 300’ RADIUS.

If the maps are the same scale, the most convenient method of determining the notification areas is to “cut and paste” the maps together so that the subject parcel is in the center and all parcels and their numbers within 300’ are clearly shown. Some adjustments may be required when maps are of different scales

Compilation of the “Mailing List.”

    A “Parcel List” is then prepared by noting the APN numbers of all parcels which are within the 300’ notification area. The numbers are to be listed in ascending numerical order with the subject parcel number at the beginning of the list.

      The “Mailing List” may be properly prepared in two ways: Type the APN number, owner’s name and address for each parcel as obtained from the Assessor numerical parcel list. A copy of the list is required. 

      You must certify the accuracy and completeness of the list through owner or agent signature in the appropriate box. An incomplete list, discovered after a project is approved, may negate such approval. Add name and address of Agent (if any) to the end of the list.

      Preparation of the Envelopes

      The owner’s name and address, including zip code, shall be affixed on a business (4” x 9”) size envelope with a first class postage stamp for each property owner on the list. DO NOT USE A POSTAGE METER. The parcel number may be included.

      Only one (1) envelope need be prepared for property owners of more than one parcel, which is to be mailed to the identical address. DO NOT use envelopes that have a printed return address. Return address will be stamped on envelope by the city.

      Submittal to the city

      The notification map, mailing list and envelopes shall be submitted to the City by the applicant at the time of filing.