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Laguna Niguel Radius Map Notification Map Mailing List Letter Certification

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Product Includes: 

  • 300' Assessor Parcel Map
  • 300' Property Owner List 
  • 2 Sets of Gummed Labels - Avery 5160 
  • Certification of Preparation 
  • Electronic Copy
  • Receipt 


Full Description from the city package (City of Laguna Niguel)

Preparation of the “Notification Map”

Obtain current Assessor’s Parcel (AP) map(s) showing all properties within 300 feet of the project-site boundaries. With the scale shown on the AP map(s), measure 300 feet from all of the exterior boundaries of the subject parcel to determine the AP book pages required to prepare a “notification map.” Draw the 300-foot line on all AP pages, mark the 300-foot radius in red pencil or pen and highlight the project site in yellow.
NOTE: If application is for a Coastal Development Permit (CD), an additional 100-foot radius tenant map will be required.

If the maps are the same scale, the most convenient method of determining the notification area is to “cut-and-paste” the maps together in such a manner that the subject parcel is in the center and all parcels and their numbers within 300 feet are clearly shown. Some adjustments or sketching may be required when maps are of different scales (see attached sample map for reference).

Compilation of the “Mailing List”

Two (2) sets (additional sets may be required per staff’s direction) of typed mailing labels that list the APN numbers of properties, all or part of which extend within the 300-foot notification area (300 feet of the project site), including all owners of any condominium project(s). As shown on the latest County Assessor’s Tax rolls, each label is to include: the APN number, owner’s name, and mailing address with zip code. APN numbers are to be listed in ascending numerical order with the subject parcel number beginning on the list. Add name and address of the applicant and agent (if any) to the end of the list.

“Letter of Certification”

The applicant shall submit with the application a Letter of Certification (attached) which assures that the property- owner list contains the names, addresses and assessor’s parcel numbers of all persons to whom all property is assessed as they appear on the latest available assessment rolls of the County of Orange within the area described by the appropriate radius as measured from the exterior boundaries of the subject property.