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Laguna Beach Noticing Mailing List Radius Map Stamped Envelopes

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Order today and you'll receive your package between Jul 28, 2024 and Aug 01, 2024. Select rush or regular delivery options at checkout

NOTE - As of 02/28/2023 the city of Laguna Beach is now requiring the list preparer to mail out the postcard notice. Our pricing includes the notification package, printing of the post card, postmark, receipt and the signed affidavit.

Product Includes: 

  • Assessor Parcel Map
  • Property Owner List
  • Occupant List (if applicable)
  • One Set of Envelopes & Postage*
  • Mailing of Postcard per city timeline as directed
  • Electronic Copy
  • Receipt 


  • *If the count of your list exceeds 150, additional fees may apply. Express Mapping will contact you if this scenario applies to your order before processing. Typically areas where this applies would be if your radius includes a condominium project area such Blue Lagoon, Tablerock, Laguna Terraces, Aliso Laguna, Ocean Vista, etc.)

  • If you are applying for a view preservation, select that package below. Work will be completed after your view inspection is performed by the City of Laguna Beach.

  • If you are applying for a short term rental, select that package below. We include (2) postcard mailings for short term rentals.

Full Description from the city package (City of Laguna Beach)

Below is the procedure we follow:

  1. Applicant will contact the company of their choice (ex. Express Mapping) and provide that company with their project address and pre-pay for the service.
  2. The applicant will provide us with a receipt of payment for your services. Express Mapping provides the receipt to you once you place your order.
  3. One week prior to the mail date, the city emails Express Mapping the template, the date that the notice must be mailed by, and any additional interested parties that must be noticed.
  4. Express mapping will print, address, stamp, and mail the postcards.
  5. Express Mapping will email the City of Laguna Beach and the applicant a copy of the recipient list and some sort of affidavit that the notices have been mailed by the specified date.

Conditional Use Permit

Submit an address list and radius map (8 1⁄2 x 11 paper) of all property owners within a 300 foot radius of the subject property, and for all tenants or residents within 100 feet of the subject property. The address list of labels must be in a 3-across by 10-down formation on an 8 1⁄2 x 11 paper and include the assessor’s parcel number on each address. The list must be compiled by a professional listing company, utilizing the latest equalized County Tax Assessors’ rolls. A certification letter, signed by a representative of the listing company and attesting to the accuracy of the address list, must be submitted. 


Noticing requirements: Provide a mailing list of property owners within 300’ of the subject property and for tenants and residents within 100’ of the subject property, radius maps for variance and design review applications. LISTS MUST BE OBTAINED THROUGH AN APPROVED OWNERSHIP LISTING COMPANY.

Hedge Height:

A radius map identifying the location of the claimants property to show that the vegetation owner's property lines within 100 feet of the claimants property. A public noticing list for all property owners within a 100-foot radius of the vegetation owner's property.
The list shall be compiled from the latest equalized assessment rolls and submitted to the city directly from a professional listing company.