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Huntington Beach Radius Map Public Notification - Notification Labels and Map



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Order today and you'll receive your package between Apr 28, 2024 and May 02, 2024. Select rush or regular delivery options at checkout

Updated 07/07/2023 - The city is now requesting physical sticky gummed labels in their packages again. We will provide electronic copies to upload to the portal (PDF, docx, xlsx) and the physical labels and printed copy of the package going forward. 

Product Includes: 

  • 500' Assessor Parcel Map
  • 500' Property Owner & Occupant List 
  • 2 Sets of Gummed Labels - Avery 5160
  • Certification of Preparation 
  • Electronic Copy (digital files, PDF of map, list, cert, docx/xlsx of labels)
  • Receipt 

Note: There is a one-hundred (100') and three-hundred (300) foot requirement for some projects (select that option when ordering if applicable below). Typically this applies to these permit types: General Plan adoption, variance, special sign permit, revocation, modification or appeal, subdivision and home occupation revocation. 

NEW 04/08/2021
City of Huntington Beach Short Term Rental Permit Neighborhood Notice
500' Owner and Occupant data list provided in excel and label format. We will provide a fee at time of completion for the actual mailing. If you prefer to prepare the mailing yourself, that will save money. We charge $2.38 per address for the mailing, the fee will be calculated once the data is completed and emailed to you as an optional service.

Full Description from the city package (City of Huntington Beach)


1. An area map indicating all properties within a five-hundred (500) foot radius of the subject parcel. The subject parcels and tenant spaces shall be identified by the following 
  • An Assessor Parcel Number (APN)
  • An assigned sequential number
2. One (1) typed list and two (2) sets of gummed labels of the following:
  • All property owners, including name, address, zip code +4, assessor's parcel number and the sequential number corresponding to the the number assigned on the area map.
  • Labels addressed to residential, commercial, or industrial tenants on the subject parcel(s) and properties within five-hundred (500) feet of the subject site.
  • Labels addressed to homeowner's associations within five-hundred (500) feet of the subject site, (if any).
  • Labels addressed to to applicant and property owner.
  • Labels addressed to the California Coastal Commission for projects within the coastal zone.
3. All property owner information shall be prepared by either a mapping or a title company which utilizes one of the following sources: First American, METROSCAN, or DATAQUICK. The preparer should certify that the information was obtained from the latest available tax rolls and that one of the above sources was utilized.