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Santa Ana Mailing Labels 500-foot radius Assessor Parcel Map


Product Includes: 

  • 500' Assessor Parcel Map
  • 500' Property Owner & Occupant List 
  • 1 Set of Gummed Labels - Avery 5160 
  • One (1) digital Microsoft Excel copy on CD or USB flash-drive.
  • Certification of Preparation
  • Electronic Copy
  • Receipt 



Full Description from the city package (City of Santa Ana)

Provide one assessor’s parcel map. The following information must be provided on the assessor parcel map and consolidated on only one sheet of paper:

  • A north arrow

  • A 500-foot radius circlefrom exterior boundaries of subject property.

  • Print in existing land uses (school, market, auto repair, SFR (single-family residences), etc.) within the 500-foot radius.

  • Print in street addresses of each property within the 500-foot radius.

  • Provide mailing labels for property owners and occupants (renters/business tenants) within 500 feet of the subject parcel, including the subject site. Include each property owner’s or occupant’s name, address, and APN on each label. In addition to the required sets of labels, submit a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the required information on a CD or USB flash-drive. Each set of addresses may be on City provided label sheets or other equivalent preprinted gummed labels.

    * Sets of Mailing Labels Required. Labels may not be older than six months.)

    One (1) set of mailing labels; and

    One (1) digital Microsoft Excel copy on CD or USB flash-drive.